Impact scientific research reports: charity work

Long term support of charity work, delivered both financially and with key skills, is very important to Impact.

As a publication we have chosen to support Deki:

Deki is a microloan charity that changes lives.

Deki empowers hard working people in Africa so that they never need charity again. With an average loan size of £150 a number of people will lend to each entrepreneur. 100 per cent of the money loaned goes directly to that person and within 12 months the money is paid back – it can then be returned to the lender or relent to another entrepreneur. Even a small initial investment can help a number of people to raise themselves out of poverty.

Impact supports Deki with inkind donations and our team has been actively engaged with supporting the charity with
skills-based work.

To find out more or to lend your support go to

Impact scientific research publication: charity work

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